IoTeX Post-Mainnet Roadmap: VITA Token, Member Portal, & AvoBoard

The launch of Mainnet Alpha in April was IoTeX’s biggest milestone to date — but what’s next? Using Mainnet Alpha as a foundation, IoTeX has big plans for the rest of 2019 and beyond. The journey is just getting started!

Since the launch of Mainnet Alpha, we have been busy delivering new wallets, explorers, and tools. Our next steps are to launch the first dApps, tokens, and IoT products on the IoTeX Network! After months of behind-the-scenes work, we’re excited to share with you the future of IoTeX:

  • Vitality (VITA) Token: the first token launched on IoTeX Network focused on building community
  • IoTeX Member Portal: one-stop shop for all things Blockchain & IoT with IoT product giveaways, exclusive content, and more
  • AvoBoard: our top secret in-house hardware project that will unlock privacy-preserving smart contracts in the IoTeX Network

In this blog, we dig into the details of our post-Mainnet roadmap — get ready for an action-packed summer!

Vitality (VITA) Community Token

The first token to be launched on the IoTeX Network will be Vitality (VITA) — the IoTeX Community token. Why Vitality? Because it represents the essence of the IoTeX community:

IoTeX community can earn VITA by supporting IoTeX in various ways: staking/voting, referrals, community tasks (marketing, testing, surveys), and exchanging IOTX-to-VITA. VITA tokens will be redeem-able for IoTeX swag, IoT product giveaways, crypto lotteries, and exclusive prizes. The best part? All of the ways to earn and spend VITA will be integrated with the IoTeX Member Portal — the one-stop-shop for all things Blockchain+IoT (see next section for full details).

With VITA, we are putting community governance and incentives onto the blockchain — real, decentralized, and transparent transactions! Our future plans include integrating VITA into the Member Portal, IoTeX Forum (to create Steemit-like incentives), and third party websites and dApps.

The Vitality (VITA) token will be launched in June 2019.

IoTeX Member Portal

As leaders in the blockchain + IoT space, IoTeX must take responsibility for bridging the blockchain and traditional IoT communities through education, thought leadership, and engagement. The Member Portal is IoTeX’s first step in this initiative — your one-stop shop for all things blockchain + IoT!

  • Enter IoT product giveaways + IOTX lotteries
  • View curated content on blockchain, IoT, and privacy
  • Purchase IoTeX swag available only on the Member Portal
  • Check out exclusive blogs and interviews from IoTeX team
  • Claim community tasks to earn VITA — new tasks every week!

    Powered by the VITA token, the Member Portal allows all community members to customize their community contributions and rewards. Earn VITA by educating yourself, referring to friends, and completing tasks. Spend VITA to win the latest IoT products and IOTX tokens. The more you engage, the more rewards you get — it’s that simple!

The IoTeX Member Portal will be launched in June 2019.

AvoBoard — the Key to Privacy

AvoBoard is IoTeX’s in-house hardware that combines blockchain, trusted hardware, and edge computing to deliver privacy to the IoTeX Network. For over one year, we have designed and built AvoBoard from scratch. This will truly change the blockchain industry — it’s almost time to unleash AvoBoard to the world!

AvoBoard is a robust development board built specifically for the IoTeX blockchain, powered by NXP QorIQ®️ LS1012A and Cortex-A53 processor. For blockchain developers and IoT/privacy enthusiasts, AvoBoard provides several game-changing capabilities:

  • Privacy-preserving smart contracts: perform private computations on IoTeX blockchain without risk of leaking underlying data
  • Private IoT Gateway: AvoBoard serves as a private gateway to connect/sync your IoT devices to the IoTeX blockchain
  • SDKs + developer tools: with built-in tooling, AvoBoard makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to build privacy-enabled applications
  • And more … top-secret for now :wink:

Stay tuned for technical documentation and more details on AvoBoard.

Pre-orders for AvoBoard will begin in August 2019.

Looking Forward to the Future

IoTeX is evolving rapidly every day. With 60+ active Delegates and >1 billion IOTX staked/voted, an ever-growing community, new core team members, and a carefully designed roadmap, IoTeX is ready to show the world that we are the #1 IoT blockchain in the world.

Launching Mainnet Alpha was a major milestone for IoTeX, but we already have our eyes set on even bigger things. With new ways to engage the community (VITA, Member Portal) and developers/enterprises (AvoBoard), IoTeX is ready to take the next step in delivering real, usable products and dApps. Stay tuned to our official channels and stay up to date on all things IoTeX — let’s build the future together!