IoTeX Presents at Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Q3 Member Summit

IoTeX is excited to share our most recent contributions to the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the world’s premier Industrial IoT consortium comprised of 300+ of the world’s largest IoT organizations. Founded by Bosch, Dell, GE, Huawei, and Microsoft, the IIC accelerates the development, adoption, and widespread use of interconnected machines/devices and intelligent analytics. IoTeX is proud to be the only public blockchain company in the IIC!

Full Member list:

Since joining the IIC in Q1 2019, IoTeX has developed strong relationships with the IIC Steering Committee and member organizations, participating in the Distributed Ledger, Innovation, Security, and other Working Groups. In the future, IoTeX will help develop standards-related materials and deliver our blockchain platform/expertise to a number of IIC testbeds, which focus on new product development/testing with real enterprise end-users.

IIC Q3 Member Summit — Anaheim, CA

During the most recent IIC Member Summit from September 9–12, IoTeX deepened our reputation in the IIC as the world’s leading blockchain & IoT platform. IoTeX’s Chief Cryptography Officer, Dr. Xinxin Fan, was invited to present our latest research and products in three different sessions (see below for videos + slides) ! IoTeX CEO, Raullen Chai, and Head of BD, Larry Pang, also attended to meet both new existing collaborators. We look forward to sharing new proofs of concept (PoC) with IIC enterprises — stay tuned!

1) Decentralized Identity (DID) Presentation

In this presentation to the Innovation Working Group, Dr. Xinxin Fan shares IoTeX’s work on Decentralized Identity (DID), which provides secure, self-sovereign IDs for both people and devices in the IoTeX Network. IoTeX DID framework will be launched in October/November 2019, enabling new privacy, trust, and data ownership capabilities. Learn more by watching the full video + slides below!

Slides: IIC Presentation - IoTeX Decentralized Identity (DID), Sept 2019.pdf - Google Drive

2) IoT Data Authentication Presentation

In this presentation to the Distributed Ledger Working Group, Dr. Xinxin Fan shares how IoTeX manages trusted authentication of IoT data. We dive into how IoTeX utilizes Edge Ledger (i.e., sidechains) / Global Ledger (i.e., Root Chain) architecture, decentralized certificate management, and cross-chain communication to authenticate IoT data in the IoTeX Network. See the full presentation + slides below!


3) Security Panel Participation

To cap off the week, Dr. Xinxin Fan joined a Security Panel on “The Importance of Trustworthiness in Industrial IoT” with executives from Ericsson, Wibu Systems, Irdeto, and Mocana. The panel covered a wide range of topics, including post-quantum cryptography, security maturity models, and blockchain’s impact on Industrial IoT. Take a peek below!