IoTeX Receives New Strategic Investment from HashKey Capital

IoTeX is excited to announce a new strategic investment from HashKey Capital. As an affiliate of HashKey Group, a Hong Kong-based tech conglomerate, HashKey Capital manages a diverse and selective portfolio of forward-looking companies with great potential to drive true innovation in the blockchain, fintech, IoT and other industries.

“As a highly respected figure in the blockchain and investing space, HashKey’s onboarding as a strategic investor will surely accelerate IoTeX growth — we look forward to building the future with HashKey Group’s support.”

– Raullen Chai, IoTeX Co-founder & CEO

HashKey Group is regarded as a blockchain industry leader and strategic partner of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, a leading non-profit institution supporting entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry with development, regulatory, and digital economics guidance. Together, HashKey Group and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs accelerate promising startups by promoting technical development, adoption, and integration with their wide array of portfolio companies.

“We believe IoTeX is setting the gold standard for blockchain & IoT and is developing real, transformative products to make the Internet of Trusted Things a reality. We are proud to support its growth and our full range of offerings will help bring IoTeX to the next level.”

  • Chao Deng, HashKey Capital CEO

HashKey Group’s commitment to supporting IoTeX began with the introduction of HashQuark, HashKey Group’s staking-focused entity, to the IoTeX Delegates Program in August 2019. HashQuark is committed to delivering industry-leading node services to leading blockchain networks. HashKey Capital’s strategic investment in IoTeX is the next step in a long-term partnership between HashKey Group and IoTeX.

For more details, please see the official press release here: