IoTeX Staking Guide (for Desktop Wallet)

IoTeX Network Main-Net Alpha launched on April 22th 2019 and today we are ready to receive voters for our more than 50 delegates, which you can find under the Member Portal:

Step 1: Create a IoTeX account

Using Web wallet

Using Desktop wallet

Using Mobile wallet

Write down your private key, mnemonic seed phrase, keystore file and securely store it. Whoever has access to the this data also has access to your funds!

You will now to top up your address with IOTX tokens.

Step 2: Stake your IOTX

In the IoPay Desktop wallet, make sure that you are connected with address have some IOTX.

To start the staking process, go to the Memeber Portal β€” Here you will see a list of all delegates. You can study information about them.

Click β€œ Vote ” in order to start the staking process. Now click the β€œI understand. Continue” β€” button.

Choose the amount of IOTX you want to use for staking under β€œ Amount ”. Make sure to leave some funds (~1 IOTX) in your account for fee\gas.

Choose for what period you agree to block tokens under β€œ Stake duration ”

Choose for Auto-Stake or without Auto-Stake.

Then click β€œ Proseed to Vote ”.

Now you can check your settings and if there is a need to change them by clicking on the β€œ Edit ” - button. After checking the options for this basket. Then click β€œ Yes, make transaction ”.

Please confirm on IoTeX wallet !!!

Go to our previously opened Desktop wallet and confirm the transaction: β€œ Yes, sign transaction ”

After 5–10 seconds, you will be able to see that your transaction is successful (sometimes you may need to click again to confirm the transaction), both in IoPay and on the Member Portal

The baskets with your votes will be displayed on the Member Portal, to see them, each time you need to open IoPay with your assets first.

Congratulations, your are now a Voters on the IoTeX network!
Thanks for your trust and votes. In case you have any questions, need more assistance, always feel free to reach out to us.


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Great tutorial! I think it will be very useful!

Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

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