ioTube Launch Giveaway - Campaign Results

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this campaign survey and supported the launch of ioTube!

We would like to share the results of the survey and highlight the most popular ERC20 assets that IoTeX community wants to see added to ioTube.

Among other tokens that our community wants to see in ioTube are: KNC, AKRO, LINK, ZRX, DOT, ETH, BNB, COTI, RSR and VET.

Comment down below which erc20 tokens you would like to see in ioTube and we will definitely take note of your suggestions and will be gradually adding new tokens based on your preferences.

Announcing 5 winners of this campaign:

{TG ID}: @saw17zq, @Federixxo, @Yugioh1984, @ad428, @nagendraravisai

All of the winners will be contacted by email.


Congrats to winners !

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