ioTube Paused - Ethereum Merge (edit: now resumed)

Hello IoTeX Community,

The Merge of Ethereum is scheduled to take place roughly on Thu Sep 15 at 04:25 2022 UTC.

For the security of assets supported by IoTube, IoTube will be temporarily paused 10 hours before the Merge.

The detailed schedule:

  • Pausing: The Merge, minus 10 hours (approximately). Please check for the exact time of the Merge.

  • Resuming: We will closely monitor the stability of the new ETH POS chain after the Merge and announce the ETA of resuming ioTube.

Please make sure you have enough time for your transactions to be processed before that time.

After the Merge, ioTube will only support Ethereum PoS Chain (the official upgrade with chainID 1) - and not any ETH forks.

Thank you for your ongoing and active support!


As of 2:30PM PST ioTube has been paused.

Thanks again for your support!

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After the successful Ethereum merge IoTube has now resumed activity!

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support!