ioTube v6 Testnet Release

We have just launched ioTube v6 to testnet. With this release we now unify the liquidity of the stable coins from certain chains including support for cUSDT.

Visit if you would like to test this ioTube release. Connect your MetaMask or ioPay mobile wallet to ioTube v6 Testnet and use a token faucet to get test tokens in order to test this new release. We would love to hear any feedback you have on this release including what works, what doesn’t work, and what you would like to see next! Developers, feel free to build on top of our testnet release. We are looking forward to our Mainnet release which will be coming soon and will also include support for cUSDC and cBUSD tokens as well as the long list of tokens we supported in the v5 release.

Some instructions on how to use ioTube v6 are below:

Step 1: Connect your MetaMask or ioPay wallet.

Step 2: Select the token you would like to transfer.

Step 3: Enter the wallet address you would like to send tokens to OR simply hit “my wallet” in order to send tokens to the wallet you have connected.

Step 4: If you have no tokens to test with then look for a faucet. For example you can receive testnet IOTX at

Step 5: Enter token amount then hit deposit

Step 6: Confirm Transaction both on ioTube and your wallet.

Note: Using our crosschain token feature you can wrap or unwrap a token at a 1:1 ratio anytime.

Check out and let us know what you think!


Testnet Feedback

Hai, my name is Loki , firstly im so glad to be part of this community by joining your test activity ! and i have tested your website/apps using this address 0x2Db4625A9eCe077CB432D1A84b85b03c15721BE6 recently, cuz you ask us to give some feedback what works and what doesn’t, here are my thoughts :


  1. I can’t change network through your web (chain menu on top) , everytime I clicked on different network, it always says "wrong network bla bla bla chain id…), BUT when I change my network on my metamask MANUALLY, it works, I mean I can now use your web with the selected network.

  2. Your transaction history feature isn’t works at all ! I have done some crosschain token transfer but there is not any transaction history !


Hello my name is tribagus I have tried Testnet iotex v6 This is my address 0xfF3E1859D44897c90B19894BaEBDD2d1f1FabCa0
I’ve tried it and there are some problems

  1. Why every network change always Directly disconnected to wallet connection? I think it’s a bit too fast
  2. Too Fast Bug for switching between System functions Cross chain I always experience disconnection to the network.

+/positive the applications are all very simple and comfortable to use Not too heavy for the size of the website and very fast for transactions

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Hai, my name Moh rasyid , firstly im so glad to be part of this community by joining your test activity ! and i have tested your website/apps using this address 0xD85250B73D4bE200512ac74909d39F5cdF4FE813

Hello. My name is Randi. I have tried Testnet iotex v6 using my address :
I’ve tried it and there are some problems

There is an error "tokenContract.approve error The execution failed due to an exception." on second time I try the Crosschain Token swap.
I had made the cross chain and on the blockchain scan  it told success but the token is not transferred yet to Iotex from Kovan

The positive about the dapp is so simple and easy to use, fast in loading and has a good reliability.

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when it comes to transaction problems from kovan to iotex testnet it’s easy, there are almost no problems on the usdt network, but why can’t it be from iotex to kovan?
for the others it’s normal there are no problems

my addres ; 0x00DD8B520530954a4db624F59134BA6c578a3e81


hi, I’ve tried all the features available on this testnet, from deposit to wrap, and I’m very happy with the features even though there are some bugs that I found. I hope that in the future this network will be more developed and advanced.
i use this address 0xd4Af0112F1Fa76f78eE2f1beD27e6e8870Bed290

Stage 2 Error cannt WRAP.



Hai team, my name is ARyana ,i am a beta tester, i love trying any tesnet,
BTW i am already trying your product , first time i try litle bit confused beacuse When i try change network always Directly disconnected to wallet connection?
just that
for the UI i love that ,very siimple and fast
Succes for the team and Good Luck

my Adress : 0x06C1E1876734D7DA4F49C79DBdCF208fEB9e51E8

I found maybe this is a bug or pending when I bridge the usdt from kovan to iotx testnet usdt it hasn’t entered and also the Recent Transactions menu has no history I hope this is fixed

my addres 0x30A18756C411E7f5F64007299481683a63Ed3334

I’ve done the bridge until the wrap all went well and I want to report the Recent Transactions menu has no history I hope this is fixed so I can see the transaction history

my addres 0xc84AB5000d34A853231d6cE90a28431106f4ca55

Hi my name is Hujayana, I found a BUG, ​​namely when I was about to send to the IOtex wallet the amount of USD was 13.8 USD if I press the button the maximum amount that comes out is 0.0000000138 USD and can’t be changed manually

My adrress :


I want to report this a bug or a pending transaction after I bridged usdt from kovan to usdt iotx testnet didn’t come in when I checked my wallet and even then it wasn’t there I hope this is fixed

my addres 0x8Ea80b52a6b486950Af947c9D176cc0B435a690c

The site is taking too long to process .


everything went well but i want to ask when the usdt that i bridged entered my wallet i checked in my wallet manu my usdt has not been entered

my addres 0xB79b3C5D74B6883ba74a252dda6d9D2cAb00Fc63

I encountered an error when I wanted to cross chain tokens I hope this is fixed

my addres 0xbe27359023CA57EaDCD943B0Bf2de345F7505FD3

Hi sir, i’m evan user of testnet IoTube V6 with address 0xdA018c06513Ee6A5A37413E09baF926D2B95f51E.

this is interesting, i have no problems getting testnet tokens or problems following testnet, everything is working fine. The appearance of the website is very attractive and not boring and its features are very easy to understand. I hope that in the future this project will be even better.

Thank you sir.

hello,my name is toni,i have tested your website with this address 0xF8684D02D4de8B9471D8300e97de4764451C4175 and all the tests i took went smoothly