IOTX needs cleaner terminology for its tools

Your system is fairly confusing. I’ve got 20 test CIOTX in Polygon on Metamask and 93 test CIOTX on Metamask Polgon and I don’t know how to get them to ioPay. This is the actual reason for my
posting, but in general, I think your terminology is not helping users.

I know the coin is IOTX, but io can get confused with the common domain ending .io. Shortening iotx to “io” is forcing you to choose poor naming conventions that get diluted in SEO.
For example, you can’t use ioWallet because it brings up some other product. Using ioPay suggests someone is alway purchasing something as a consumer rather than functioning as
a partner or staker, why not call it iotxWallet, that’s what it is.

Why are you using the term ioTube, too close to Youtube for SEO, instead of iotxBridge,
iotxBridge works fine and that’s what it is, everyone calls these things bridges.

It’s only when I search for that I get the right result, at least in my version of Google Search.

If you could clean up the terminology then maybe some of everything else that is confusing will start to sort itself out.