Is there a Native IoTex contact address for Eth wallet?

Trying to figure out how to use IoTube’s conversion properly from IoTex ERC-20 token to IoTex Native. The transaction was successful, but I can’t recognize where the IoTex Native went, cause it certainly didn’t show up in the IoTex account.

Please and Thank you.

You’re probably going to be waiting a while for an answer on this. According to the IOTEX Docs IOTEX-E shouldn’t even be in use right now and everything should be Native however IOTEX-E is still here 2 years later. Check out some of the other posts. Has been a lot of questions regarding this. Few answers and no resolutions but tons of questions.

Did you bridge IOTX from eth to IoTeX or? Please share your txn here and I will try to help you.

Let me provide some addresses as below:

IOTX on eth: 0x6fB3e0A217407EFFf7Ca062D46c26E5d60a14d69
IOTX from eth bridge to IOTX (aka WIOTX): 0xa00744882684c3e4747faefd68d283ea44099d03

Hello. I used this website which I read was an ERC-20 to IoTex Native conversion site.

I would like to change the IoTex ERC 20 tokens from the Metamask ETH network into Native IoTex tokens into the IoTex network. I am still very much learning, and appreciate any insight that can be provided.

According to your description, it seems that you have successfully used the tube and bridged the erc-20 token to iotex, but you cannot find these tokens in your iotex account. Can you share your txn here? Or you can try importing the addresses of these tokens in your wallet.

I think you can find these addresses here: Token Tracker | IoTeXScan