[Issue] IoTeX web wallet, ioPay desktop, iotexscan are experiencing an issue

IoTeX web wallet, ioPay desktop, iotexscan have difficulty to connect to core api.

ioPay mobile and ioctl are not affected.

The team is working on a fix now!


identified cause: iotexscan’s core-api proxy is not working properly.

temp mitigation: bypass iotexsan’s core api proxy and directly call core api (this might be a good way to do so). As a result, web wallet and iotexscan.io starts to work with a limitation. Users cannot switch to testnet for now.

ioPay desktop needs to be fixed as well.


All users are encourage to use ioPay mobile for transfers and dApps access. They are not affected at all.

Issue resolved:

  1. ioPay desktop new version: v1.0.10. fixed the bug in connection of the wallet to IoTeX network. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade to this version.
    Download address: https://iopay.iotex.io/desktop

  2. iotexscan.io are all calling chain API directly instead of going through a proxy. (This makes the iotexscan even faster and more stable).


I have been trying to move money from one account to another and I accidentally deleted the wrong my 2FA authentication generator.

Is it possible to set up a new one?

There is no 2FA for a wallet. What wallet are you using?