Issue on Iopay wallet

Hello Community,

I am a small crypto user loves iotex so that i stacked only 260 iotex and hold 23 iotex in my wallet and also some cyc coin was available in my wallet. Suddenly iopay wallet crashed now its showing private key data missing.


Here my wallet address please fix the that i can get my hard earn money.please


Hi Laxmidhar Sahoo​,

Unfortunately, we cannot help you restore your private key.

Please check if you may have imported it on multiple devices (e.g. in ioPay on a different smartphone, or in ioPay Desktop, or in a different wallet like Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc…): if so, you can easily recover your private key by exporting it from those apps.

For the future, we strongly suggest to secure your private key each time you create a new wallet, and test it by trying to import the key in a clean wallet app before you transfer any funds to your wallet.
Alternatively, the Ledger hardware wallet is an excellent option to not lose your private key as well as keeping it safe and avoiding any risks of exposing it by mistake.

If you have any other questions, please reach out.
We’ll do our best to help you. Thanks!


IoTeX Support Team