Ledger Nano Support for Native IOTX

Is there a timeline for Ledger Nano support for native IOTX?

Hi! Ledger support should be in the final stages now, hopefully we will see it before full swap to native IoTeX blockchain!


Is this their app in ledger…

The logo is different?

p.s that is in “developer mode” in ledger live

Not sure about the icon, but yes the app has been released in developer mode so now the IoTeX team is working at the UI integration so you cannot do much with the app at This time.

A little bit of patience more, Hopefully we will see it ready very soon :smiley:


Starting from v0.9.2, ioPay desktop support ledger. You can download from https://github.com/iotexproject/iotex-explorer/releases
It supports this dev app too.

Also, there is a new IoTeX ledger app supporting native staking v2, currently pending Ledger team’s review.


Will ledger staking update be released here?

Keen to stake from my ledger asap :slight_smile:

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Hello :slight_smile:

any word on the ledger staking?


Still waiting for final confirmation from the Ledger team – hopefully soon! :crossed_fingers:t3:

Great, can’t wait!..thanks for the update Larry :face_with_monocle: :sunglasses: