Logo change

I don’t want anyone to get offended. And it’s only because I can see real potential for this project and to be frank, care.

I strongly believe the logo doesn’t look fit for mainstream. It looks like a modest family owned computer shop logo- “Axis Computers” etc.

I’m not sure if this was done on purpose to keep people away from what seems like an utterly phenomenal project or just a quick throw up, or perhaps something else.

Symbols mean things and the branding draws me into iotex but the logo doesn’t represent anything to me. It’s too complex, doesn’t display well in tabs, and if I were to forget about Iotex for 1 year and come back to the space I wouldn’t recognise the logo on it’s own.

I’m not bashing anyone- it’s just something I feel will eventually need to get reviewed.

I have uploaded a screen shot of great logos in tabs

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