Lost coins from transfer

I transferred my iotex native coin from crypto.com to my coinbase wallet and it’s stuck on the iotex blockchain. Any way to recover my lost coins?

I am having the same issue. I’ve spent a good part of the day trying to find a solution to the problem but I haven’t figure anything out. The only thing I can do is view the coins inside an IoTex wallet. I know there’s gotta be a way to retrieve the coins or reverse the transfer to send them back to the original wallet where it was sent from but the problem is someone actually has to take the time to help us and I don’t think that someone is available.

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I’m having the same issue. I’ll do a little digging

Yes I’ve been looking into to this as well. If I find a solution I will definitely share. Spent a couple days so far and still haven’t came up with a solution.

Hello to all,

Please Be Advised For Future Reference: Don’t send native IOTX to Coinbase from ioPay: Coinbase only accepts ERC20 IOTX tokens (on the Ethereum network).

IoTeX runs its own blockchain, where native IOTX tokens are live. But they also exist IOTX tokens on Ethereum (ERC-20) as well as on other blockchains. Coinbase trades ERC-20 IOTX tokens, so you can only withdraw those tokens to the Ethereum blockchain, and you need a wallet connected to the Ethereum chain to see those tokens, while ioPay is connected to the ioTeX chain. This is an issue that arises due to Coinbase unexpectedly listing the IOTX Erc20 token on Ethereum. That token was almost entirely burned during mainnet release (they should have listed the native IOTX, or at least a cross-chain Erc20 token of IOTX, CIOTX), and eventually they ended up in an isolated market that absorbed all the IOTX-E in circulation, and the price raised as a consequence (though nobody can actually go there and sell). The IoTeX tokens that are owned by Crypto.com and run on the IoTeX Native Blockchain.

If you have further questions you may reach out to this thread or you may contact us on our Discord Community Server.

Thank you.

A lot of us have been asking for help here and so far we haven’t gotten any answers. Can we expect Coinbase to support the IOTX native coins any time soon?

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I as well fell victim to Coinbase’s negligence when I made my deposit no where was it stated they were only supporting it in the form of erc. Otherwise I clearly wouldn’t have sent them there and of course magically after I reached out to them they had updated it to say it wasn’t supporting iotx mainnet. I can only imagine how much there ignorance costed everyone who hasn’t been able to retrieve there coins it’s simply not right. Does anyone have a screen shot of there iotx wallet prior to them adding erc compatible only?