Lost coins in the block chain

I am still trying to figure out if it is possible to retrieve lost coins but I have a few questions for IoTex support and I kindly do expect a definitive answer because I am an investor of this block chain and I can’t understand why people who invest their hard earn money in coins can just be expected to lose them because of a faulty system.

What happens to the coins that get lost in faulty transfers that show completed successfully in the IoTex explorer but don’t make to the targeted wallet?

If I look up the address that shows in the explorer I can definitely see the coins there. So what happens to them? Can they be retrieved by IoTex support team? Will they be burned? Will they be stuck there forever?

If someone would please explain what’s going on or if I could just be put in touch with someone who could help I would really appreciate it.

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Following this one for the updates. Coins transferred successfully on binance but my acct never gotten the coins. I wonder where they are now. With some wallet, they are credited back when you ask their support/help. Now i wonder how do they solve this problem here.

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They will they be stuck there forever until someone who own the private key for that wallet address connects to the ioPay wallet (or Metamask) on mainnet IoTeX blockchain network and returns them to you, or sends them somewhere else.

In this case this “someone” is Coinbase or any exchange that doesn’t support the native IoTeX chain - as they own the private key for that wallet.

I think what happened to me is I set up a mainnet wallet, and meant to sign up an iopay wallet for my Iotex sent to coinbase from Crypto.com so I believe i have the right private key with correlated to thar address, but it is a mainnet wallet, so how do I get my Iotex back in my possession?

Please provide the transaction id of your transfer, so we can easily see what you input as the recipient address and if that’s your address or Coinbase ‘s

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Did You get the last message with the address?

I put the address it was sent to in a search, and it is definitely in Iotex blockchain. The address it was meant for was my Eth address…

Здравствуйте, переводил iotex , вставил свой бинанс адрес х0, а деньги ушли в сети iotex как вернуть их?