Mining IOTEX, possible?

Hello Guys,

IOTEX attract my attention, now i am digging the details and looking for any type of information about this Project etc…

Can anyway share his/her experience with Mining IOTEX?

I found out Pebble Tracker, did actually anyone test it, is it possible to mine IOTEX using this device?

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I’d like to mine iotex too. Please help


Technically this is already possibly via the PoS mechanism. That’s what makes this project so unique and such an incredible DAO. If you could just buy up miners and rinse and repeat until you basically had a majority stake in the mining process, it wouldn’t be a true majority.

Furthermore the current system is imo perfect because the more committed you are, the more you mine.

Best I can offer is providing liquidity in the Mimo or ZoomSwap pools, some you can harvest IOTX directly - others you can easily just swap the LP token for more IOTX.


Mining can be done in a few games like iotexfactory and spacefarm (contract balance is 0 now).

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Is Iotex really being mined?


i’m curious about this as well. I still have a lot tkk on discover in the iotex ecosystem. so far i’ve only played with star crazy but would love to find some equally fun and profitable play to earn games.

welcome NNAMPHAXY! I wish you wealth!

I’d like to mine iotex too. Please help

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