Missing transaction in coinbase from Crypto.com

I transferred my IOTEX from Crypto.com to Coinbase and it is not showing up in the coinbase account. Iotex explorer shows the status as Success. When I search in explorer with the coinbase wallet address the transaction appears with Nonce: 0, pending nonce:1, actions: 1. does this mean that the transaction is still waiting to be completed?


I did the same thing. Trying to figure out how to get it back.

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I believe it is tied up on the IoTeX blockchain. I have since created a IoTeX wallet and have successfully transferred IoTeX from Crypto.com to that wallet. I saw something about getting the stuck tokens that I tried to transfer earlier back but it involved getting some private keys from someone (don’t know who to ask for that) and then it could be recovered. Or something along those lines.

If you do find the information about where to get the private keys can you please share that? I did the same thing and am trying to get the IOTEX tokens back from my transfer to Coinbase too.

The privat key it is a recovery phrase on Crypto.com

Im not sure understand what you mean there Sgz.

Are you saying the coins transferred succesfully or just a new transaction? Have you figured out how to recover the original transaction?
I am in the same boat. I have read a lot of different information but still haven’t figured it out. Really frustrating that Crypto .com doesn’t make it clear that it is a Native Token. Same ticker but can’t exchange between two major exchanges???

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Support Crypto.com

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What if we bought through the exchange and not the wallet?

You have a wallet on any case, correct ?

I don’t believe I have the defi wallet. I have just held on crypto.com or coinbase pro.

Ok i don’t know how coinbase works, sorry

Same thing here I sent from Crypto to Coinbase and it cleared on Crypto side but never made it to Coinbase trying to find out how to them back

Same here about 5 hrs ago…still pending.

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How? Coinbase support is no help, and crypto.com isn’t either. How did you recover your funds?

yes due tell sir!! need you help now :slight_smile:

DO NOT TRUST THIS. You might lose your assets

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No, it means that you IoTeX are on IoTeX Network and Coinbase doesn’t support it, only ERC20. Your coin are probably lost, same as mine

I think the only way to get back our token is that Coinbase give us private keys of exchange wallet where IoTeX are now (same wallet of supported ERC20 where we send money). If someone reach this private key please tell us