My ioeth is stuck. What do I do ?!

I converted my Eth to Ioeth, but the ioeth is now stuck in my Iotex Chain Mainnet wallet address. How the heck do I send this to my iopay desktop account??

My end goal is converting ioeth to native Iotex.

This process has confused me since the beginning so please be patient with me. Thanks!

Hi you can use Mimo V2.1 to swap to wiotx and then to iotx. Reserve a few iotx for gas

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Thanks! I just remembered mimo. K, now my iotex tokens are in my metamask wallet. How do I send my iotex tokens to iopay desktop???

Nvm. I was able to scan my iopay app’s QR code through metamask to send it. Thank you again. This is screwy. haha.

Happy to help you. If you have any questions, communicate at any time