My IOSHIB and METX token are gone!,

Hi, I just realized that my iotex, IOSHIB and METX are gone from my wallet.
Not sure how this happend. Can anyone advise?, please.

I thought the iopay wallet and the iotex network was secure.

I didn’t do any of these transactions, 15hrs ago. This is insane!
How this happpend, and how do I recover my tokens?

Can you send me the address?

My wallet address: io1mxy0uvk9yxz4uq4zzvspmvj8h6qdxfqcswwucm

OK, I’ll consult the engineer. However, for security, assets from this address can be transferred to another address.
Remember: Be sure to protect your private key and seed phrase

Ok, thanks. I will transfer all my asset to a new wallet.

As a reminder, you can check if MIMO has added liquidity? Maybe the assets are there

Hi, I checked mimo, nothing there.
Do you have any feedback?

Sorry, the reply is that your private key may have been stolen.

Privacy is key, all should endeavour to keep em safe