# Native vs ERC-20

What is the difference between these two? I see every other crypto price site is different and apparently they are using native IOTX and Coinbase, the price is higher is using erc-20. This is what I’ve gathered from trying to look it up. However I was hoping someone here could better explain it. This seems like a really good project. Is it better to get native tokens off of a different exchange to support the project or will it really matter in the long run? Is coinbase charging more because that version of the coin is better? I see they announced a partner ship and will accept payment of native IOTX coins for flights. Does this mean they wont accept the other version for now? I’m sorry if this is a lot of questions I’m kind of new to crypto and haven’t been able to find a lot about the two separate versions.
whose Token is better IOTEX-ERC20 other IOTX Native ?

Just what ever you do, don’t transfer them as they are, from one exchange to the other because they are not compatible and even though IOTX allows the transfer, the coins or tokens will be lost. Don’t fall for that trap like 100’s of others have.