Need help please!

Hi there,
I have a problem that im hoping someone can help.
I purchased IOTX on Binance and sent it to Metamask wallet (dont ask i should have sent it to Iopay)
My question is how do i get my IOTX out of metamask and into IoPay so I can start staking or voting?

Any assistance would be much appreciated

So, you have ERC-20 IOTX in your ERC-20 wallet. You could use the swap tool to get into your native io address or you could send it back to Binance and withdraw the native IOTX to your ioPay

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You must first check if the transaction on ERC-20 has actually gone?
I think Binance cannot send erc-20 tokens (it can only accept to its exchange)

or did you select the address (erc20) for the transaction in your Binance account ???

I brought the erc-20 last night im not sure how I transferred it but it appears in metamask with no value price. With that said I also have a trust wallet which is linked with metamask and although the IOTX is appearing in metamask it is not in my trust wallet.
I have tried to send it directly to iopay, obviously this did not work. Am currently in the process of taking no_one advise and transferring it back to binanace and onwards to iopay.
I’m really hoping it works because I’ve been trying to do it all night and day to no avail.
Really appreciate the help especially seeing as the tron smart contract is now literally just around the corner.

ioPay only supports native tokens.
Since June, all Stake & Vote, also only with the help of native tokens.

But you will have time to convert ERC_20 to native tokens

OK so it seems they are erc-20 soooo Leo how do i convert them to native tokens??
And do i still transfer erc20 to binance for now?? I’m so confused
Apologies, as ya can tell im new to this and am just needing guidance so I can start staking and voting.

I think Binance will accept them back.

At the moment it still accepts our old tokens and they are then automatically converted to native token

Only I did not understand why he allowed you to take old tokens from the exchange … I thought it was not possible.

There is still a tool

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Yup binance accepted them back :pray: however they aren’t in my io address in binance they’re still erc-20. How long does it take for automatic conversion?

In the meantime I will check out link

You need to ask the technical support of the exchange.
I dont know.

Thanks Leo for ya help.
Have contacted Binance and they have given me instructions to follow.

Thanks again for ya advice :+1::smile: