Need help with my transaction!

I’ve sent IOTX (ERC20) from my Metamask to Binance…
I’ve sent them to the Binance IOTX (ERC20) address that they provide but, I’ve never got them!
When I go to IoTeXScan and I add my Metamask (ERC20) address I see my transaction from my Metamask to Binance (all ERC20)!
But when I go to the Action Hush it shows me addresses that I’ve never used!
How can I get my Tokens back to my account or how can I find them?
As I am new to the community can’t post any pictures, I tried!
Thank you!

Hi Anakin​,
Thank you for contacting us,
please provide some more details for me to understand what you are trying to do and what went wrong.

Can you provide wallet addresses?

If you are withdrawing from an exchange,

  • what is the exchange?
  • what token exactly are you trying to withdraw (IOTX-ERC20, IOTX-BEP20, IOTX Native)

If you already did one or more transactions

  • please provide the transaction links.


always double check your sending on the correct blockchain also… and maybe send a small transaction first to make sure everything is going to work … I recently went to send 23 mimo-lp tokens to parrotfi but i sent them on the Ethereum network so now they appear to be unretrievable even though i can see where they are.grrr

Thank you for your response!
I always check before but, I do this for years now (sending/receiving in Metamask, Binance, etc.




From Metamask (ERC20) to Binance IOTX (ERC20) you can check the pictures of the below replies… Simone replied to me on Twitter and gave me the link to IoTeXScan that I can convert my io/ERC address (that I didn’t know that I can do that)…
The thing is, how can I get my tokens back because supposedly I send them to Binance that I never got them, and Binance told me that they can’t do anything about it!

Metamask (ERC20) mine: 0x0BccD4A3BB6325DAF4A32d0243a2F693BcC6fB61
Binance IOTX (ERC20): 0x962c449191a5c48b3e4cde8c9ef9a80d0f3aca7e
Action Hash: ecb3e3d391fd4de2c66a11e07424221394f949c8893da6d334aea44a84072f2b

Dear Anakin​,

Please try this form:

Binance owns the private key of that address so they could use the key on the IoTeX blockchain to send back the tokens. Also, we have no control on Binance’s addresses, they are the only ones who can send you back the tokens. When sending tokens to an exchange, you must always check on what networks you have your tokens, and make sure that the deposit address you are sending your tokens to is on the same network. Blockchain transactions cannot be reverted, and if you sent tokens to the wrong deposit address of an exchange, then those tokens are lost.

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