New to staking, any suggestions?

Hello everyone I just joined and I have 800 tokens to stake. How would you do it if it was your first time?

Which wallet are you going in for

I have Coinbase, Metamask and reviewing Iopay.

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Hello Admiral,
I started staking last month and I wanted to suggest some tips in case you still need help. First, I suggest you join “IoTeX Official Group” located at Telegram: Contact @IoTeXGroup. The devs are really good about responding in real time. Once there, you’ll find a copy Welcome to IoTeX! - IoTeX Onboarding Pack
Follow the instructions for creating your new IoPay wallet - (DOUBLE CHECK YOUR MM WALLET) make sure your tokens are in the native format before you transfer into IoPay. That may set you back - time and money.
Also, if you stake a minimum of 1000 tokens for (91 days) you will receive the most benefits. Good Luck !!!

Go for metamask that’s the one am using ,secondly there support teams are always able to assist at anytime both on WhatsApp