Nightmare on Staking Street

Im sharing this i made it when I accidently staked my coins for 1050 days hahaha the title says it all Nightmare on Staking Street… that was at 2 cents btw 2 and a half years to go.:slight_smile:


Ughhhhh that is a dream come true my friend. I might have to sell my remaining 1300 IOTX due to medical issues and I really don’t want to. Congrats on becoming a whale (I’d imagine) at this point though!!! I staked my 1FLR for 10’years, figure 10% APY might as well start my retirement fund lmao


Whale lol long way to go yet if it ever gets to 6 dollars I would be happy - Sorry to hear about your medical issues I hope everything works out for you and have a happy Christmas with your family ( thats where the real whales are my friend )

Appreciate it, trying to find a way to use the funds as collateral like swap it for CAKE or something that allows me to take out the funds as collateral and once I have the funds again I just repay the USD amount and get my crypto amount back.

Lol, I can imagine your face and the cascade of emotion that ripped through your body at the moment you realized what you had done and who’s laughing now?
And just out of curiosity did you stake it for 1050 days with "stake lock ON? if yes, you’re my hero bro haha. I’m glad you have a good sense of humor too, cheers

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Looks really amazing and captivating…nice work…:+1: :heartpulse:

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Yes I did have stake lock on lol… I have since turned that off as it does not count down until you do… I have also added 80% more since then all stake locked for 101 days and yes I am very happy to have stumbled across Iotex and learning about it has assured me I’m on a winner…:slight_smile:

Thankyou very much Prasanna

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Sure thing, this probably was the best “mistake” you’ve made. Im staking all at 91 days with the lock on. Good luck and see you around

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