Not receiving staking rewards

I’m not receiving my CYC awards correctly in 9 of my wallets. I STAKED 6300 and receive a little amount compared to what my friend receives. She receives 0.13 per day CYC …I receive no where near that and we stake the same amount

All my wallets are like this and I have registered for the burndrop and staked 6100 can you please fix it

At my calculations, you get correct drips, as it should be with 6300 IOTX staked. I receive proportionally to my stake as you, not as your friend. So, if there is a mistake, it is on her side. May be she meant not 0.13 but 0.000013? :thinking:

What I think it is. Is my friend started staking a while back. Thats why she has more

From where I’m looking at it. I have staked over 36000 iotex and over 6 wallets and when I calculated it…its worth 60 cents all up. Plus the little vita that I can’t sell and metanyx rewards is very little as well…lucky to be $3. For 91 days staking. $2700 of iotex…it doesn’t seem worth it. I just want my iotex released from all my 6 wallets and rather put it into something that is not going to pay 60cents over 2 weeks…thats 30 cents a week. I like this project. But the rewards are not very good. I want my money back and wish them all the best.

:one: Rewards from the Delegates are sent via Hermes (an automated and trusted rewards distribution system) directly to your wallet DAILY.
You can check it at or into your ioPay wallet in Action -> Contract tab or on explorer in Contract Actions tab.
(Note: Some Delegates distribute rewards to their voters manually, check out their reward distribution plan on voting portal

:two: Burn-Drop rewards added automatically to Burn-Drop eligible buckets DAILY (not in wallet).
How to check Burn-Drop rewards?

:three: Airdrip IGNITE rewards (mimo LP token) are delivered to Burn-Drop eligible stakers DAILY.
Airdrip IGNITE is in addition to IOTX “Burns” & “Drops” that are now active for Burn-Drop v2.
Registration for Airdrip IGNITE: (only available for Burn-Drop eligible stakers).
How to check Airdrip IGNITE rewards?

To be eligible for :two:Burn-Drop & :three:Airdrips make sure to set your staking buckets to ≥91 days stake duration with Stake-Lock on

Thanks I got that. My point is. For the amount I invested over 6 wallets and on a new device$2700 the rewards are paying just over 30cents a week. If I knew this before I staked. I would of never ever staked in the beginning. Seems unfair that my money is locked up over 90 days plus to receive 30 cents a week in rewards. To be honest. I just want it all out and closed down. My rewards read different to all that requirements of burn drop. And I have done everything correctly. delegates analytics reward calculator

So for 12 months over my 6 wallets invested. I would make $100 all up? and rewards from lp is 30c a week and my $2700 is locked? Omg, this is terrible, thanks for supplying the calculator. The rewards are hardly worth it. Iotex seems to pay more than the lps.
Please I would like my funds released from my 6 wallets and prefer not to wait 91 days. Would you please put me on to someone that can take me through that process. Like I said. I love the project but the rewards been locked in to receive very lite and I don’t want to continue in staking for that long

It’s not possible, you’ll have to wait

  1. turn off Stake-Lock. Once Stake-Lock is turned off, your stake duration countdown will begin
  2. wait for the staking duration to expire
  3. unstake and withdraw your tokens

This is terrible and pretty unfair don’t you think? The rewards paying very little! Then if you don’t s take 91 days, you won’t receive 30cents a week. So you are forced to lock in for 91 day or more… Im part of this community and would like this to be addressed to the dev team! I see this as false advertising. This may not seem like a big issue to you. But it does need to be addressed

This is clearly written in the voting instructions

And I’m CLEARLY asking you politely to send my concerns on to the Dev team! As these concerns needs to be addressed!

If your not listening to community members…then what is the point?

Much appreciated!!

Yes, of course, I will tell them your words

Because I know very well that this issue will never be sorted! As more projects come on board! My issue will be pushed on the carpeted! I am starting to turn off my staking! So I can get my money back!!I have 78 wallets in total. Which 9 of them are my larger amounts. I will be unstaking the whole lot today! Rather get my money back then receive that little amount!This has been nothing but a disappointment! Whats worse…is now I have to WAIT 91 days for the countdown! This is the worst investment plan I ever invested in and its only been 2 weeks!

You won’t receive only drops/drips, but you’ll still receive your regular rewards for staking, untill you’ll unstake your coins. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. Im not very happy about the drips and don’t want to take part of making $3 for 91 days for investing $2700.then probably wait another 3 days on top and another 91 days on top of thee countdown. I have unstaked all my wallets. The countdown says to wait is 89 days🥺… First it says 3 days, then next minute 89. Omg. Total nightmare. I rather not receive rewards. I just wanted my money back. People need to be very careful when someone says AIRDROP. AND STAKE. It can become a trap for people that don’t fully understand until its time to withdraw.

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I agree.
You must have the right to withdraw at any time. The prizes awarded must be withdrawn and the deposited unit awarded. This is more reassuring.