Ocean Mollu - Play To Earn Metaverse

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Project Name

[Ocean Mollu]

Project Type

[ GameFi ]

Proposal Description

[Ocean Mollu is the world’s first 3D ocean system Play To Earn metaverse based on Web3.0

Product Highlights:

  1. Richer and more realistic 3DGameFi and immersive experience. The manifestation of OceanMollu games has completed the transformation from traditional 2D to 3D. The 3D technology intervention in the game breaks through the fixed visual way of thinking in traditional 2D games, bringing realness to players A sense of space and experience.

  2. Diversified initial choices-In the game, the battle pet Mollu will have eight occupations in the early stage, several previous body part combinations and NFT pets. Each Mollu has unique attributes, rich elements, and more diversified player choices. You can match your pet combinations according to your interests.

  3. Deflation mechanism-In OceanMollu, users will consume tokens when purchasing and breeding Mollu to ensure the health of the token economy. In addition, for the healthy development of the project and the community, OMO tokens and OCN tokens have established a Trade-Burn deflation mechanism. Each transaction will burn a certain amount of tokens, further optimize the bubble, and make the entire token system more stable.

  4. DAO governance-at the beginning of the establishment of OceanMollu, we regarded the community as an important part of the ecology, so we established the DAO governance pool and made the address public, which will be supervised by the community. As the project and the token system mature , The governance funds of the DAO fund governance pool will all be used for community development (season rewards, official grants, etc.), and the use will be determined by the community. Ocean Mollu will gradually evolve into a community-based decentralized organization and become a game that truly runs through DAO.

Cooperation at the IP level: One Piece’s official original painting NFT and GameFi co-branded pets, and subsequent releases will be co-branded with Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball and other Japanese comics.

Gameplay: The user leads a Mollu team consisting of 5 Mollu NFTs. After winning the battle, they will receive OCN as a reward. The combat system is a combat system based on game assets. The combat mode is divided into PVE adventure mode and PVP arena mode.

Product progress: Back-end Code has been completed, CertiK audit has passed. 90% of the game front-end and scene 3D have been completed. It is expected that Binance Smart Chain will be released in December and multiple chain deployments (IoTeX, FLOW, SOLANA) will be completed one after another.

We hope to get support from IoTeX media, community and brand and we can give IoTeX community users an airdrop of NFT asset packages in the game .Before being officially deployed on IoTeX, Ocean Mollu NFT pets can support BEP20 format IOTX as a currency asset for users to participate in purchases. Users can use NFT pets to compete in the game and earn revenue. (Volume and proportion to be negotiated)


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  • Milestone 1: The BEP-20 standard IOTX is used as a currency asset for the game, and users use IOTX to purchase NFT pets to participate in the battle.

    • Duration (weeks): 1-2 week
    • Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified): Users can use BEP20 standard IOTX to purchase NFT pets
    • Funds request (USD): 5000 USD
      -Metrics: 1000 active monthly users
  • Milestone 2:Ocean Mollu is officially deployed to the IoTeX main chain

  • Duration (weeks): 2-4 week
  • Funds request (USD): 5000USD
    -Metrics: 2000-5000 active monthly users

Total funds requested

[ 10000 USD ]

About your Team

David Charles, graduated from McGill University in Canada, has eight years of game development experience. 3 years of experience in the blockchain industry. Lead the team to participate in the development of many competitive mobile games.

Daniel Walzer, graduated from the National University of Singapore, has 4 years of blockchain development experience, and has participated in the development of multiple DeFi and NFT projects.

Frank Leo worked for NetEase Games and has extensive experience in game publishing. He entered the blockchain industry in 2019.


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WebSite: http://oceanmollu.com/
WhitePaper: MOLLU
Telegram:Telegram: Contact @OceanMollu
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@OceanMollu this is an amazing one, thanks for applying! Do you mind attaching certain metrics to each of the milestones, e.g.,
milestone 1:

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Deliverables: xxx
  • Metrics: 1000 active monthly users

Thank you for your attention and suggestions. Modifications and indicator descriptions have been made as required :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Wish you all the best!

Accepted! Congratulations and looking forward to finishing the milestones!

Thank you sir, we will form a technical plan and complete the deployment as soon as possible. Contribute to the IoTeX ecosystem and community! :boom: :boom: :boom: