Old iopay wallet and staking

I’ve activated my IOTEX account on a new ioPay 2.0 wallet on my new phone but on my old phone with old ioPay wallet from earlier this year, I can’t seem to view or unstake what I previously staked. When I click on My Staking, I get this message, “network error. please check your network settings” whereas in the past there was data coming through. How can I unstake my IOTEX from earlier this year, IoTeXScan Transaction Hash | IoTeXScan , so it shows up on my account in ioPay 2.0. I have all my password and account information.

  1. There is a network error in the old version of iopay, you can try to switch the network, us/hk/cn

  2. Open the new version of iopay, click earn, find stake and cancel