Pebble Idea-Thon -- Official Guide

Welcome to the first ever IoTeX Idea-Thon – this is your chance to showcase your Blockchain + IoT use case design skills and deep-dive into Pebble, IoTeX’s latest innovation launching in Q1 2020!

A total of 25 winners will be selected by the IoTeX community and share $2,000+ USD in prizes! Everyone that participates will also receive an exclusive Idea-Thon NFT.

Anyone can participate in the Idea-Thon – no developer experience required. In this thread, we share an overview of Pebble and step-by-step instructions to join the Idea-Thon.

Pebble: A New Standard for Trust

Pebble is a first-of-its-kind smart device that combines tamper-proof hardware and tamper-proof software to establish a new standard for trust. Pebble captures and cryptographically signs real world data (GPS, climate, motion, light) using a built-in secure element, similar to the chips used in smartphones for FaceID and crypto hardware wallets for private keys. The result? All data generated by Pebble is 100% verifiable and traceable by anyone: trusted data from trusted devices to fuel trusted applications.

A universe of new use cases centered around verifiability/trust will be enabled by Pebble – we can’t wait to hear your world-changing ideas!

Idea-Thon Prizes

  • Top 5: $200 in IOTX each
  • Top 25: Ucam or $50 in IOTX (your choice)
  • All participants: exclusive Idea-Thon NFT

Idea-Thon Instructions

The theme of this Idea-Thon is “Closing Trust Gaps in the Real World” – we want to hear how YOU would use Pebble to build use cases that make our world a more trusted place.

  1. Review the Idea-Thon Video Guide – it includes a Pebble overview, use case design tutorial, and several example use cases. A must watch!
  2. Submit your use case idea via Google Form with the following:
    a. Describe the “trust gap” your idea addresses – why is it important for you and society?
    b. How does your idea solve some or all of the “trust gap” you chose?
    c. Include a visual reference that explains or supports your idea
    d. Submit any relevant links/articles that explain the “trust gap” (optional)
  3. That’s it! Reach out to us on IoTeX Telegram with any questions, good luck!Remember the best use cases are simple yet impactful.

Submissions will be accepted from January 4 to January 29 (note: extended from January 22). The IoTeX Community will then vote for the winners from January 30 - February 5.


I did not see any official ann in Telegram channel, this is for sure till 29th of January? I still have time to make my idea beautifull looking or January 22 is still deadline?

The deadline is today!

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Voting is on. Top-30 of ideas here. To vote here.

Mine is Remote Monitoring of Valuable Artwork. :innocent:

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