Pebble not added

Your wallet address and IMEI will now be displayed on the pebble screen. Verify the IMEI and press the ‘Confirm’ button on the device to proceed.

I tried several times, and my pebble shows nothing about IMEI on the screen. The network bars are full, with an M letter, GPS is on, and the connection to Truestream is on.
I am using and it shows connected.

Can anyone help?
Thank you


Hello. I have exactly the same problem and can’t find a solution !!! I also didn’t receive an answer from the support.


Same problem :frowning:
On see Pebble device status ‘proposed’
On Pebble screen after accept my meta mask wallet adress i see ‘Please wait until the REG completes.’

P.S. Trying to ypdate firmware but I can’t run Don’t know why?

Please help.


did you manage to fix it?

Did anyone find a fix to this yet? A lot of us with the same problem.

The portal has been updated so that you can restart your Pebble tracker and register it again. Once you see the “Please wait for REG to complete” prompt on your Pebble’s screen, wait about 10 minutes for the device to show successful registration. If you have any other questions, you can attach Pebble’s IMEI(on the side of the box) here.