Pebble Not Showing In MachineFi Portal

I need help with my pebble as I just registered and connected my pebble to MachineFi Portal through add a device but it does not show in the portal as connected at all. When I go and try a connect it again it says its already connected to another account because I added it earlier but it doesn’t show up. What can I do in this case?

Please help! Thank you!


Same issue here… you find a solution yet? Thanks…

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The portal has been updated so that you can restart your Pebble tracker and register it again. Once you see the “Please wait for REG to complete” prompt on your Pebble’s screen, wait about 10 minutes for the device to show successful registration. If you have any other questions, you can attach Pebble’s IMEI(on the side of the box) here.

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