Pebble Tracker Firmware RiverRock 1.0.10 dApp CityDAO

I updated to RiverRock 1.0.10 and now want to install the CityDAO dapp. I have the same problem. when I’m in OTA mode, the display shows “No proper version” after a short time. I can’t install the CityDao dapp because my mouse arrow is crossed out.
I can only click the link “update firmware…” and i get the message “The name or version of the firmware that the application relies on is incorrect, please contact the developer.”

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I just ordered my Pebble Tracker, I hope I don’t receive an error like what happened with yours.

Nobody can help me. At the moment I don’t know what to do with the tracker. Useless at the moment.

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I keep getting the same error as you when I try to install the dapp.

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im about to test mine

Let us know how it goes for you.

will do, i just want to be able to connect to all iot devices with no firewalls

It’s a shame that no one from support is helping us

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me too. i updated 1.0.10

Same issue here too and getting technical support is challenging also