Pebble Tracker Location Accuracy

Having my pebble up and running for a while with the Autobahn SIM. It works. All data is shown in the MachineFi Portal.
But my location data is way off by aprox. 200meters on the map.
I noticed that the longitude and lattitude is all zero after thes second decimal.
Long. : xx.xx000000, Lat : xx.xx000000
Strange, the TD1030 GPS chip should have a accuracy of 3meters
Running the Riverrock 1.0.10 firmware

Is this an issue that can be solved ? anyone experiencing the same thing ?

Hello Tichain​ ​,

Thanks for writing in.

I can confirm that when I check on the Pebble MachineFi portal, I also see all zeroes after the first two decimals. I am now checking if it’s an interface issue of the Pebble portal, or if it’s in fact the actual data that is cutting off the remaining decimals.

Thank you for checking. Pinpointing the issue would be a great first step.
Looking forward to further feedback.

Best R