Pebble Tracker/Pebble Go

Hello, all! I’m new here and I have a question… I’ve just pre-ordered a Pebble Tracker in the hopes of trying it out with PebbleGo here in Japan (I realize that it won’t be shipped until later this year).

I’d like to collect NFTs, mine PBGs, etc. when the Pebble Tracker is ready. Is this realistic or am I being too optimistic? Is PebbleGo still on track? I’d like to become an early adopter of Pebble Tracker/PebbleGo.

Also, if IoTeX requires any Pebble Tracker testing, etc. in Japan, please let me know. Perhaps I could help out (although I’m not a developer). I’m looking forward to receiving my Pebble Tracker!

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


Thanks! @larrypang just replied to my question in Telegram!