Pebble Tracker Registration very frustrating

I have a pebble tracker, I have a working SIM-Card by 1NCE. I am not able to register the device on MachineFI, because I am not able to deposit IOTX on my Metamask account. I am new to crypto and I tried several ways to this, so I lost about 100$ already, because the money vanishes. This question has been put forward to you several times, but you never gave a proper answer. Please explain the following line in your getting started document:

Prerequisites :

Mimo has this fiat gateway to purchase native IOTX: mimo V2 - try this. But we should perhaps integrate this into the machinefi portal.

Hi raullen, thank you very much. This answer helped and I was able to pay. You need not necessarily add this infomation into machineFI. It would have been helpful if I had found this hint anywhere in the getting started doc. For me as a beginner it was impossible to buy IOTX without further guidance. After the registration I was able to upgrade the firmware without problems. At the moment pebble does not show any location data. But I think this is the normal behavior of a GPS-module that has to find its satelites. You could also add this information into the documentation. I use a 1once NB-IOT Sim card in Austria. It works fine.

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