Perkable x IoTeX: Claim Your Geo Location-Based Continent NFT

We are, as usual, incredibly excited to address our global IoTeX community with an exceptional invitation to help us test Perkable, a thrilling new geo-based dApp built on W3bstream. The great news is that everyone participating in this simple but hugely important proof-of-concept testing will receive a unique NFT.

The IoTeX community testers —the more, the merrier— will, on this occasion, help us start proving the extraordinary and countless use cases and applications that W3bstream makes possible.

For example, in this particular case, Perkable demonstrates that by binding users to their smartphones and proving their location with W3bstream, makes the dApp more secure and bot resistant.

This means, among many other positive things, that people can only create one account per smartphone and ioPay account. This use case is particularly practical for safe and fair distribution of monies to refugees, disaster victims and universal basic income, for example.

This testing will also help demonstrate to the world how easy it is to connect smart devices to Web3. Its other purpose is to show Web2 businesses interested in Web3 and developers how they can empower their users and customers to own their data and control their intelligent gadgets and machines.

This opportunity to help further IoTeX and W3bstream and get a location-based NFT is open to the IoTeX community and others interested in participating from around the world. And all you have to do to get your NFT is register to Perkable via IoTeX’s ioPay wallet.

PoCs and DePIN

Before describing Perkable, let’s quickly explain the importance of a PoC. They are a crucial element in the product development process, and if done with the right community, they can help prove the business model and that the technology is incredible.

Perkable is using Web3 to gamify real-life experiences and rewarding users for doing the things they love. Their open platform will allow any brand to reward any user in real time based on their location and preferences. Essentially providing an avenue to easily allow for Web3 loyalty programs for Web2 companies, similar to what Starbucks is doing with their NFT loyalty program, almost like an improved Web3 version of Groupon.

Imagine watching your favorite team play and if they win, you get airdropped a token for a free beer at the local bar.

Perkable uses IoTeX’s W3bstream to utilize a proof of location and decentralized ID solution that ensure users are genuine and tied with the IMEI of their devices, proofing a one device, one user concept.

“I believe NFTs will be the next generation of cookies, and by using IoTeX’s W3bstream with Perkable, we can ensure real users will be rewarded with the things they actually want in real time.” - Kim Hoang, Co-founder and CEO of Perkable

Perkable is also a prime example of the increasingly talked about Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) sector. In their recent report on the topic, Messari described DePIN as the next step in the evolution of crypto-based networks.

“We are excited to introduce Perkable as the first application using W3bstream geo-location technology. It will allow users to start proving their daily activities for rewards in the real world. And open up the opportunity for many use cases in this emerging sector.” - Raullen Chai, Co-Founder and CEO of IoTeX

Claim your Continent Now!

This first testing period is also crucial because it will help us show the wider Web3 community and those interested in this fascinating new space they can build anything with W3bstream, the decentralized infrastructure for connecting smart devices to smart contracts.

So, sign up now and remember you get an NFT for simply registering to Perkable and activating your geo-location in the ioPay.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Watch the demo video here:

  1. Download (or make sure you have) Iphone with the latest version of iopay v2.3.10 OR Android with the latest version of iopay v2.3.11(

  1. Create an ioPay wallet if you don’t already have one

  1. Go to settings and click on “W3bstream"

  1. Click “Geo Location”

  1. Click “Connect” (This will bind your smart phone to this wallet address). This will require around 1.5 IOTX to connect/register decentralized identity.

Troubleshooting: If you click connect and get stuck on “Connecting 100%” for more than 15 seconds then press back and try to turn on w3bstream and connect again.

  1. Activate Geo Location (This will allow you to use location based dApps including claiming the Perkable NFT)

  1. Turn Geo Location on

  1. Ensure you click allow location based services if prompted by your smart phone

  1. Go to your ioPay browser and enter the following Perkable URL:

  1. Sign up to Perkable

  1. Connect Wallet to Perkable

  1. Create username and enter email address

  1. Verify your email address

  1. Now verify location data is going through successfully to Perkable

  1. Go to featured events: Perkable x IoTeX: Claim your Continent

  1. Scroll down to the continent you are located in. Note: You should only be able to claim the NFT for the continent you are located in via Geo location set up previously.

  1. Click Sign & Claim NFT in order to receive your NFT

  1. You should receive a success message

  1. Go back to your ioPay home page in order to verify that your newly minted NFT is there. Note: you will need to refresh and wait approximately 30 seconds.

  1. Fill out feedback at the following form:

If you are interested in DePIN you can learn more about the latest developments in the sector and compare projects by visiting DePINscan. DePINscan powered by W3bstream and IoTeX is designed to empower intelligent investors in the DePIN sector.


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I’ve done a lot of feedback on the subject.
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Hi. This could be useful for locating the location of a tokenized real asset. I am currently using a non-blockchain GPS Map Camera tool, maybe your tool has mass adoption prospects too