Please help me

I deposited 53 IOTX and 0.017 BNB, via web3 addres but not receive

Hello Almunawara​ ​,

Thanks for writing in.

The ioPay wallet does not support Ethereum tokens. The tokens you sent from were probably IOTX-E tokens, the old legacy IoTeX tokens, used before IoTeX launched its own blockchain. These tokens can be migrated to the new IoTeX independent blockchain by

In your case, as you already made the mistake of sending non-native IOTX token to it, you should import your ioPay wallet’s private key into Metamask, and change the blockchain in Metamask settings to look at the Ethereum chain. Your tokens will be there, if you did everything correctly. At this point you can move the tokens through the tube or send them back to where you originally sent them from. As for BNB, I don’t know what chain you used to send it, but if is Ethereum, then you can use the same method as above for the IOTX-E tokens

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