PLEASE…In need of LAYMAN’s explanation on how to use get private key from trust wallet

Sorry dumb guy here needs help and can’t find support for ioPay mobile wallet to save my life. I have an issue with a bucket. I was told by support on Discord to find them but there no a support link on the wallet. I know this ain’t the place for this but I’m out of ideas. Thanks for your time.

Hi, what is exactly your issue? Also feel free to reach out to me on Telegram @zimne or discord @Simone_IoTeX and I’ll support you

Can anyone walk me through this please? I don’t know what I’m doing and one sentence answers won’t help me.

Jesus Christ I can’t believe how long I’ve been searching for help on this and nobody will invest more than 30 seconds to help me out. really doesn’t give Iotex a good look. maybe this isn’t the best community to stay with. I guess I’ve just lost money to Iotex and that’s the end of it because I’ve looked for help everywhere I’ve been told and I’ve found no one who will help me. It’s been almost a month now.

If you want to help please don’t respond with “you need to import the wallet “ and then disappear. I know that. this is supposedly a wallet problem I’ve been told. AGAIN, I’m a dummy. I don’t know computer stuff much less how to navigate the Iotex platform and block chain.

Update: I have this program to change my pass phrase to a key now, but I don’t even understand what it is telling me. I’m better with computers than my old parents but I am pretty oblivious to all of this and this looks like Greek to me. Should i just give up or is this simpler than it sounds? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

PLEASE can someone WALK me through this? I don’t know what this is saying. It is explained with technical terms that I do not know and it assumes the reader is computer savvy. I’m a regular guy trying out Iotex as an investment. I know nothing. I cannot just be given a link and told follow this. I can’t read it. Thanks.

I think I answered you on Telegram :wink:

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