Post your community poll here! 🙌

Hi, community,

In order to make the poll process more transparent, please submit your poll proposal in this thread in the following two simple steps:

  1. deploy your proposal to IoTeX blockchain
  2. submit the proposal metadata like the below
  "status": 1,
  "contractAddress": "TODO: YOUR CONTRACT ADDRESS",
  "title": "TODO: your proposal's title",
  "description": "TODO: your proposal's content in plain text or HTML",
  "start": "TODO: start date with timezone",
  "end": "TODO: end date with timezone",
  "proposer": "TODO: your name",
  "category": "General",
  "maxNumOfChoices": 2, // TODO: max number of choices
  // TODO: options for the poll in the format of Array<{"id": string, "description": string}>
  "options": [{"id": "1", "description": "Yes"}, {"id": "2", "description": "No"}],
  "id": 5, // TODO: your proposal ID