Problem Unstaking IoTx

Hi Guys, I staked my IoTXs in may for 4 months or so, now I am not able to unstake, how do I do that…Can some one guide pls?
Secondly can not find an option turn of stake lock…
Only options under Action I have are:

Switch Delegate: Anytime (available)
Add Stake: StakeLock Only(available)
Restake : Anytime (available)

Unstake : Not applicable (grayed out)
Withdraw : Not applicable (grayed out)

Reassign Bucket: Anytime (available)
Need some guidance please

  1. You can try to update iopay to the latest version
  2. Make sure the stake lock is closed, and then the expiration time will be displayed

I actually have the updated app on my cell phone as well as desktop, but on both(in browser or app) I have the same options menu as I posted above where I do not have options available

Make sure that Stake Lock is turned off,Then it will expire

oh, so I have to restake, and then turn off the stake lock?

Thanks, I have done as you suggested, though it would not let me restake less than my previous time…but I have done the restaking without stake lock…so now I hope at the end of staking period I should be able retrieve my tokens

Now you should see the expiration time, happy to help you

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