Proposal For Integrated Marketing Campaign With Iopay Wallet From IoTeX Daily titled #MeWithIopay

Dear IoTeX foundation,

I am writing to present a comprehensive proposal for an integrated marketing campaign that will effectively promote Iopay brand and drive targeted customer engagement. Our small team at IoTeX Daily has carefully analysed your business objectives and market trends to develop a strategy that aligns with your goals.

:one:. Objective

Our primary objective is to increase brand awareness and generate leads for Iopay services and products. We aim to position your brand as market leader in the DePIN sector and create strong connection with your targeted audience.

:two:. Targeted audience

Based on market research and customer profiling, we have identified your targeted audience as DePIN pioneers, wallet users, traders, stakers, node runners and Blockchain users. Our campaign will be tailored to resonate with this specifically audience, ensuring maximum impact.

:three:. Campaign strategy

Our proposed marketing campaigns encompasses a combination of both online and offline channels but for now sticking with online until further notice.

The key element of our strategy for Iopay brand awareness campaign includes basic two concepts

(1) Social media marketing to engage with your audience, build brand loyalty, and foster brand advocacy.

(2) Content marketing through blog posts, videos, and infographics to educate and engage your target audience

The stipulated Iopay campaign will be broken down thus;

a. Twitter Photo Contest and

b. Telegram Photo Contest


Rule for participating

:one:Follow IoTeX Daily, Daria IoTeX and Iopay Wallet

:two:Take a photo of your favorite feature/dAPP/tab in #IoPay in your hand with a landmark/background

:three:Tweet the photo with #MeWithIoPay

Winners list for this section will come in 2 sections

  1. For top tweet and interaction

  2. For Lucky draw

(10 winners here)


Rules for participating

:one:Share your tweet link of your #MeWithIoPay photo on Telegram

Winners list will come in an ascending order viz; say a stipulated amount of IOTX for the 1st, 5th, 8th, 16th,20th, 29th, 30th, 45th, 100th, 200th users who posted their link

(10 winners here too)

We will educate the community to add water marks on their photos to avoid plagiarism


To measure the success of the campaign, we will track the KPI’s

a. Growth in social media followers, engagements and reach.

b. Number of qualified leads generated and conversion rate.

c. Brand sentiment analysis through customer survey and social media monitoring.


Attached to this proposal, we’re looking at a detailed timeline and breakdown for the campaign. We have carefully estimated the timeline involved and structured the timeline to ensure efficient execution and timely delivery of results.


Our Team is made up of a experienced crypto and blockchain enthusiasts with good track records evident on our LinkedIn and X (formally Twitter) pages. We are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Furthermore, we would be delighted to discuss the proposal further and address any questions or concerns you may have. We are committed to building a strong and lasting partnership with IoTeX. Thank you for considering our proposal.

Yours Sincerely

Ugwu Silas (Jaynesis)

HOV and Co-founder IoTeX Daily

David Akinfenwa (Nitty Berry)

Lead and Co-founder IoTeX Daily

Contact information

Mail: [email protected]


LinkedIn: IoTeX_Daily | LinkedIn


After going through this, I’d say it is worth giving a try. If the aims are achieved, it could turn out to be sn effective adoption-driven publicity.

Adoption- driven publicity is the keyword :rocket:


You make the best publicity when you have more Dapps that produce revenue not what we have now.

Hi Rad, it’s not a most that all dApps must generate revenue for an ecosystem to thrive, what we mostly need is to onboard the giants and as you know IoTeX Halo grant is already catering for these ecosystem. IoTeX is focused on DePIN related, so it might be hard for these projects to generate revenue. They can once the Shitcoin Meta is back

Hi @jaynesis_1
Thank you so much for these ideas.

I fully agree with your 1st and 2nd bullets around the objective and target audience.

I have 2 hesitations I will mention here and I would love to hear your response on this:

  1. I would love if this somehow more specifically targeted the DePIN community somehow as per the outlined objective you had.
  2. I’m worried that the barrier for entry may be too unnecessarily high with having to go out to a landmark and take a picture. This is why we have chosen to go with the lower barrier task on approach in the past.

For example: Our most recent ioPay campaign was with WiFiMap, A relatively large DePIN project:

This had

  1. A DePIN focus
  2. Joining forces with a new community users
  3. Fairly low barrier to entry

Would love to hear your feedback on my comments above and your thoughts around the ioPay x WiFi Map taskon giveaway and if you see more campaigns like that with other DePIN projects being successful in achieving that objective you outlined.


A better idea could be to include a feature or dapp that users are required to try out when they join the campaign. This would replicate the success of the geolocation feature that was added to w3bstream, which generated a lot of excitement and buzz among first-time users at EthDenver this year.

One great example of such a feature would be an Account Abstraction (AA) mode. When users open the app for the first time, they could be asked to choose between EOA mode and AA mode. The campaign could then encourage users to try the AA mode on IoPay and share their feedback. If the experience is seamless and inviting, users will be more likely to explore and engage with the app more deeply and discover all of the other amazing features that it has to offer.


Thank you very much for your response Aaron, concerning your hesitations I’ll explicitly explain;

For the DePIN community, there are DePIN dApps in Iopay which users in the DePIN sphere will like to show their interest, thereby creating awareness for Iopay wallet. Most of our community the the DePIN community at large have features, tokens, or interface they’ll love on Iopay, this gives them room for sharing in a fun and learning manner while achieving

Also, It might be surprising for you to see the community take on this, community will go out as they can to support what they like and IoTeX and it’s product Iopay have loyal users in the DePIN sector, who has been longing for campaigns like this tailored organically for their interest. They will be very eager to participate in this campaign. The landmark will even make it more interesting. Hope you’ll be participating too Sir :sunglasses: ?

Our metric has shown that this will not only bring in specifically tailored DePIN pioneers in official IoTeX group who understands what IoTeX is trying to build in the DePIN space but will also allow IoTeXians and the DEPIN community an opportunity of community involvement and participation.

For the Iopay and WiFi Map giveaway, I’d say it is a great campaign using a social campaign organiser “TaskOn” with a total of 93 participants, it brought two DePIN projects embracing collaboration, I must say more campaigns like this with other DePIN projects will be very successful and we can explore the options too.

We hope to get Iopay support on this as we are ready for further discussions. We are also open to more discussions and any further questions and fully prepared for taking on this task.


I agree with this too. Thank you very much for these suggestions. I believe there is room for growth here too

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