Qualifying Devices for Burn-Drop - Crafting a Proposal

The original post on this topic showed overwhelming support (89%) for counting geo-location enabled mobile phones to be counted towards the Burn-Drop program. We had many thoughtful responses that were squarely on topic. Among the responses were some related ideas/proposals that should be considered but are outside of the primary question posed. These related ideas also bear examination of discussion by the community.

The scope of discussion for this topic is to refine the ideas on what IoTeX should consider to be a qualified, registered device on our chain. These newly qualified devices, whether mobile phones, Pebble trackers, or another device registered on IoTeX, would go towards the total count in the Burn-Drop program. There are some who think there should be additional conditions that should be met.

Timeline: Friday March 3rd to agree on proposal language


  • Talk about this with the goal to

  • Offer proposal language for your position

and get something for the community to consider and then vote on. We should be able to produce some viable proposal language in this two-week+ period.

Thanks for being awesome community members!

Relevant Comments

(refer to the original post for the full discussion)

(From Echo)

… but as far as phone as a device, yes…, metapebble was, I believe, supposed to be an NFT that enabled certain permissions on mobile to send data, so what’s the difference if permission can be obtained by NFT or in wallet app/ protocol? I think in order to count as a device , it should provide daily data.

(From Kenneth )

Only question I have is once geo tracking is turned on and counted towards devices/burn drop what happens if it’s turned off? Can’t take back the burn drop after it’s been dropped lol. How much will this affect the float of iotx?

(from howardmarin )

For any device that gets turned off (breakage, disinterest, etc.)one possible solution is to not burn drop until the total number of connected and monitizable data streaming devices goes up. Bonus rewards should only be rewarded when there is an actual bonus achieved.

(From zimne ) IMO, it would work exactly as it is for Ucams: burn/drop is triggered as a consequence of a new device identity registered on the IoTeX blockchain, regardless of any data sent or not sent - that depends on the specific use case. So if I enable trusted geolocation on my phone, the first time it would register it’s identity to IoTeX, which triggers the burn-drop. Then I can disable/enable the use of the feature, but still, my device has been registered so the burn-drop was due.

(from raullen ) IoTeX Team Member

Thanks for putting together this thread which covers an important topic - how to shape the burndrop (an IoTeX-specific token-economic design, ama IoTeX’s EIP-1559) in a way that captures the growth of real-world-web3 and MachineFi use cases. To me, burning merely on the number of devices is not enough. One additional set of metrics that indicates the activeness of devices onchain is important, e.g., the amount and frequency of data flow through w3bstream (which is pending on the devnet/testnet/mainnet launch of w3bstream for sure).

Let’s keep this momentum going towards improving the Burn-Drop program!

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I agree 100% with Zimne. These are the rules of Burn Drop. Any deviation from this would be changing the rules of Burn Drop.

Is Raullen suggesting ADDITIONAL rewards not part of the current burn drop pool for amount and frequency of data flow? That would be great. Maybe we can pull from the $100M USD sustainable ecosystem fund for this purpose.


I agree 100% with Zimne


Agree with Zimne for counting registered device.
Agree with Raullen, additional rewards base on each dApp using data.

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That wasn’t clear to me either - @raullen? Did you mean there should be additional rewards for the amount and frequency of data flow through w3bstream? Above the current burn-drop rewards?

I also agree with @zimne (Simone’s) position here. Essentially, any device that is registered on the IoTeX blockchain will trigger Burn-Drop. There would be not data amount required nor that the device remains active.

If we were to add the additional requirement of, amount of data, or that the device supplies data over a given time period, we’re now talking about triggering Burn-Drop after a monitoring period. As inexact as a simple device registration might be, it’s still a useful metric by which to measure growth of the platform and we should continue to tie that to Burn-Drop. Simple device registration makes sense to me.