Remove the Stake Lock requirement for Burn Drop rewards

The idea behind the Drop in Burn Drop is to reward longterm stakers, but the way it is being implemented fully rewards someone with a 91 day stake lock and fully ignores someone with 91-1050 days stake duration remaining and no stake lock.

A 91 day stake with stake lock on is simply 91 days of staking duration remaining, indefinitely, until stake lock is turned off. Any basket with at least 91 days of staking duration remaining should be eligible for the Burn Drop rewards, regardless of whether or not stake lock is activated.

The current rules are punishing longterm OG stakers who staked for ultra long durations prior to Burn Drop even being released. If a 365 day staker wanted to wind down the clock by turning off stake lock, they would lose Burn Drop rewards immediately. This isn’t right. Let’s not punish our most diamond of hands OGs, when the intent of this Drop is to deliver extra rewards to these exact people.

I would like to see a fix proposed rather quickly, as I anticipate Burn Drop rewards will become very material in the near term, once Meta Pebble registrations begin.


I am with you on that they should not require a stake lock I dont see what is the point besides it should be US as the PEOPLE TO decide if we do stake and if so how long we do it for, im sure people would stake if there was no lock Sometimes you need those assets to make another move or quick flip.

I am not suggesting people who want to make a quick flip be eligible for Burn Drop rewards. I am simply saying anyone with 91 days or more remaining in stake duration should qualify for the Drop in Burn Drop, regardless of whether ‘stake lock’ is activated. Burn Drop is to reward longterm stakers of more than 90 days, the ‘stake lock’ requirement is arbitrary and irrelevant. This requirement excludes 92-1050 day stakers who wish to wind down the clock on their stake.


I 100% agree! Im also frustrated that I have to unstake everything to get a small percentage out and then miss out on the extra burndrop. I’m confused why it’s not possible to unstake a percentage?!

Unbelievable. Long-term steakers are already receiving as much reward as the number of days they have increased. I’ve been a steaker for more than a year and a half, but now I can’t believe it

Are they idiots?

It is clearly a point of prior notice. It is not right to benefit long-term steakers unconditionally.

The manual must be firm.

It does seem unfair to not payout burndrop rewards for those who are staked for greater then 91 days with or without stakelock


Nor does it seem fair to me that a person who makes the decision to block their tokens for 1050 days receives so little difference in return with one of 91 days. When he later wants to withdraw them, he will spend 1050 days without receiving a burn drop. buckets should be encouraged much more by readjusting the number of tokens received in a longer term.