Revert my IOTX back to My Metamask from Coinbase Wallet

I have waited 19hrs and no token in my wallet and it has left my metamask saying sucess. Can IOTX engr team kind help resolve and return the transactiion back. This is scary.

There is a long post about this issue

long story short, the only hope is that Coinbase decides to support the IoTeX native blockchain (in such a way that you will see your native IOTX credited), or they decide to send back the tokens in whatever other way.

Unfortunately, the exchanges are in control of the deposit addresses they provide to their users: if you send the wrong type of token to an exchange deposit address, only they can send the tokens back (although this is very rare, it seems in their recent replies to users Coinbase is hinting at some possibility of recovering the tokens “if they decide one day to support the IoTeX native blockchain”.

I guess the more users complain about this problem, the higher the chance…

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Hello to all,

Please Be Advised: Don’t send native IOTX to Coinbase from ioPay: Coinbase only accepts ERC20 IOTX tokens (on the Ethereum network).

IoTeX runs its own blockchain, where native IOTX tokens are live. But they also exist IOTX tokens on Ethereum (ERC-20) as well as on other blockchains. Coinbase trades ERC-20 IOTX tokens, so you can only withdraw those tokens to the Ethereum blockchain, and you need a wallet connected to the Ethereum chain to see those tokens, while ioPay is connected to the ioTeX chain. This is an issue that arises due to Coinbase unexpectedly listing the IOTX Erc20 token on Ethereum. That token was almost entirely burned during mainnet release (they should have listed the native IOTX, or at least a cross-chain Erc20 token of IOTX, CIOTX), and eventually they ended up in an isolated market that absorbed all the IOTX-E in circulation, and the price raised as a consequence (though nobody can actually go there and sell). The IoTeX tokens that are owned by and run on the IoTeX Native Blockchain.

This message would have been useful if you had written it a month ago, now it is of no use to anyone. It takes you, the IoTeX team, to join your voice with ours to convince Coinbase to support our blockchain and native tokens. Disclaimers at this point are just garbage, do the right thing and help us, your customers. Thanks

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I agree with @Bibbonacci. IoTex has the power to convince Coinbase into doing the right thing. It’s the right thing to do!!!

I agree with @Bibbonacci. IoTex has the power to convince Coinbase into doing the right thing. It’s the right thing to do!!!

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So I have a question about this. So if these are different coins with different use cases but yet were listed with the exact same ticker why is this not being taken care of. Why is there not more pressure from the IOTEX project team? It seems that Coinbase didn’t even list the right version to begin with. Coinbase even lists the use case for the Native token. ERC-20 can’t be used for staking. It adds zero to the network. Why are investors that sunk funds into this project just to see them mishandled and mislead? To me this is on Coinbase but the IOTEX staff should have caught the clear mistake by Coinbase when they listed the ERC-20 version. Now Coinbase is making adjustments to the ticker because it was misleading to begin with. And the use case that Coinbase has listed is definitely misleading and just not true. It would be nice to know what the percentage of ERC-20 are left versus the native in circulation.

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This is just not true. The ERC-20 version cannot be used for this. At least that is my understanding. It would need to be converted to Native beforehand. This is misleading.


I am one who supports this. I have sent my issue. Waiting to hear back.