Seeking Community Feedback for NFT Project on IoTeX Chain (Demind OG))

We are excited to introduce our initiative to build the best NFT project on IoTeX Chain. Our goal is to create a vibrant and innovative NFT ecosystem that engages the IoTeX community and beyond. To ensure that our project aligns with the interests and needs of our community members, we are seeking their valuable feedback.

Project Overview
Our NFT project on the IoTeX Chain aims to revolutionize the digital collectibles space by offering unique and rewarding experiences to our users.

Community Feedback Objectives:

  1. To gather insights and suggestions from the IoTeX community regarding our NFT project’s concept, features, and utility.
  2. To identify potential areas for improvement and innovation based on community preferences and expectations.
  3. To foster transparency and collaboration by involving community members in the decision-making process of our project.

Feedback Topics

  1. Overall Concept: We will ask the community to share their thoughts on our vision to build the best NFT project on IoTeX Chain.

  2. Feature Prioritization: Gathering feedback on the proposed rewards system and identifying which features resonate most with the community.

  3. User Experience: Soliciting feedback on the usability, interface design, and accessibility of our NFT platform.

  4. Partnership Opportunities: Seeking suggestions for potential collaborations and partnerships that could enhance the project’s value proposition.

  5. Future Development: Inviting community input on future roadmap milestones, including new features and integrations.

Rewards for Community Participation
To incentivise active participation and feedback submission, we will offer the following rewards to community members:

  1. Exclusive NFT Minting: Free NFT minting opportunities for MachineFI NFT holders.

  2. Limited-Edition Hoodies: Complimentary hoodies for MachineFI NFT holders as a token of appreciation.

  3. $DUSTPIN Points Rewards: Stake NFTs to earn $DUSTPIN points , providing additional utility and value to our community.

  4. NFT Domain Ownership: Exclusive access to NFT domain ownership for early adopters and active community contributors.

  5. Environmental Data Contribution: Pebble device owners connecting to EnviroBloq will earn $DUSTPIN points for their data contributions, fostering sustainability initiatives.

  6. Community Collaboration: Support for projects building on IoTeX, with their communities receiving free $DUSTPIN points for data contribution upon connection.

We believe that engaging the IoTeX community in the development process of our NFT project is essential for its long-term success and sustainability. By actively seeking and incorporating community feedback, we aim to create a truly collaborative and user-centric NFT ecosystem on the IoTeX Chain.


Your initiative to build the premier NFT project on the IoTeX Chain is inspiring! Engaging the community for feedback is a fantastic approach to ensure alignment with user needs and preferences. I commend your focus on transparency and collaboration.


For a moment I couldn’t type :scream:. Thank you very much. We are ready to put in the work and staying positive.


Thank you so much sir for your encouraging words and support! We’re thrilled that you like the idea behind our NFT project on the IoTeX Chain. We believe that collaboration and Transparency is key to creating a platform that truly serves the needs and preferences of our users.

We’d love to share some of the NFT samples we’ve already created.


hey @Nittyberry thanks for sharing, and engaging the community. What is your goal with this project? Is this more of an NFT collection? Or are you open to something else? I was thinking that maybe it could be a cool idea to create a platform for builders to create their own collections to pair with devices in a DePIN scenario, where often NFTs are used to represent devices as they allow for more modularity.

Just a thought…

Maybe a device/nft market place, or a sort of cmc for devices revenue.

There is also another community post by @iChristwin that asks for a NFT registry which would also implement the 6551 standard… that would be cool to explore as well.

Anyway I thought I’d throw some comments here, and see what you thought! Keep up the great work and the motivation!


Thanks a lot for your input and for being part of the community discussion. We’re excited to have you on board, Our goal with this project is to make it more than just an NFT collections. We’re looking to integrate it closely in DePIN Way, leveraging the potential for deeper connections between Depin devices and NFTs.

I really like this idea of creating a platform for builders to craft their own collections and pair them with devices in a DePIN scenario is spot-on. We’d love to dive deeper into this concept.


Great suggestion on the EIP6551, I’ve been thinking a lot about how best this could be implemented on IoTeX, esp given that presigned TXs are not supposed on the VM. Would look forward to exploring this idea further with @jaynesis_1 & @Nittyberry


@iChristwin @Nittyberry @jaynesis_1 I would love to see what you guys come up with!


Hi, want to check back on this ERC6551. Now we’re working toward that but there’s some issue that we face currently, ERC6551 isn’t Enable yet on IoTeX

Is there anyway to do this on IoTeX yet ?