[Seeking Feedback] - Allow for buckets to be stake-locked at greater or equal to stake-duration remaining, rather than just the original stake duration

For example, if you originally staked a bucket for 1050 days, and your stake duration remaining is now 85 days, you should be able to stake-lock that bucket for anywhere from 1050 to 85 days. Currently, you would only be able to stake-lock this bucket for the original stake duration of 1050 days. This doesn’t really make sense, another long overdue fix. It will become more important with the introduction of liquid staking of IOTX, where only buckets of specific duration are eligible, and buckets of shorter duration will trade at a premium to buckets of longer duration.

Open to thoughts on this.


Agreed with this feedback.

I would also support finding a way for pre-existing buckets to be swappable to LSD without going through the waiting period.

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For sure, this is worth a broader discussion in the community. What do people think? Let’s look at this from every angle. Is there a downside to making the change @fixxxxxxer proposes?

I think it’s a fair improvement. As long as the stake lock duration cannot be lowered below the remaining duration, I think it’s fair. You’re simply locking the remaining duration, instead of re-staking the original duration just to enable stake lock.


I think this is a common sense improvement that should be made. If your original stake duration is 365 days and you wind the clock all the way down to 30 days, you should be able to lock again with 30 days stake duration. I don’t see a valid argument against it. The current implementation I see as a bit of a flaw or oversight in design actually.

This becomes an increasingly important fix wen LSD becomes active. It is my understanding that only buckets of specific size and stake duration will be eligible to convert to NFTs for LSD use. To get a bucket to a specific duration and keep it there, it needs to be locked. If, for example, you have an original stake duration of 637 days, there is currently no way to stake lock for any duration other than 637 days. This random stake duration is obviously not going to be eligible for conversion to NFT (not the way I currently understand it, anyways). In preparation for LSD, stakers such as these should be able to wind the clock down to 365 days, 91 days, 30 days, etc. and lock in those new durations.

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Not to disagree but to clarify. My understanding is a ‘non-conforming’ sized bucket wouldn’t be prohibited from being converted into a LSD but would convert to a conforming size and leave a remainder. But I agree with your larger point.

This is a proposal we support as well