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TL;DR Hotpot is a codeless DAO launch toolkit that enables anyone to set up a DAO in few clicks at no costs.

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New DApp, DeFi, DAO

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Hotpot is a codeless DAO launching toolkit based on bonding curve, designed for anyone without blockchain experiences, such as social influencers, community owners.

Launching a DAO is not easy for newcomers in blockchain due to the technical difficulty of blockchain principles. Hotpot Network provides easy launching steps for people outside the blockchain world to start a DAO within a few clicks. Any newcomers can design their token economics with our user-friendly configuration interface to address the goals of different communities. Our platform consists of multi-chain support for smart contracts, a user-friendly web interface, SDK, and various toolboxes for different DAOs. Moreover, the platform itself is also a DAO, all the decisions and executions are supervised by the hotpot community.

Hotpot is a blockchain-native DAO-launching platform. We guide users through an interactive, tutorial-style procedure to design token economics for DAOs. We use bonding curve, a general case of automated market maker algorithms for the token economics design. However, it is non-obvious for users to understand different key parameters in token economics design. Instead, we use an artificial intelligence-powered system to search the optimal bonding curve parameters. Users only need to describe the intended DAO market cap at different stages. Then, a bonding curve-based smart contract can be deployed immediately, at no cost.

Why we are different?

Most existing DAO projects are using Liquidity Pool or NFT based principles for governance. However, bonding curve could be the optimal way for DAO launching as proved by constitution DAO, Assange DAO. Governance token based on bonding curve lacks sufficient community support, which prevents users from diving deep into this type of AMMs.

Hotpot aims to help users learn and launch bonding curve-based tokens through artificial intelligence-powered interactive sessions, and provide them similar swaps functionality as Uniswap.


  • Milestone 1 (MVP stage, test version on testnet):

    • Duration (weeks): 4 weeks
    • Deliverables: We will provide the community a basic version of product, where only core functionalities being implemented. To be more specific, we will achieve the following goals
      • User is capable to launch DAO tokens (based on bonding curve) using our platform
      • Anyone can purchase/sell DAO tokens using swap interface on our platform
    • Funds request (USD): 10,000 USD
  • Milestone 2 ( Beta test stage, test version on mainnet):

    • Duration (weeks): 8 weeks
    • Deliverables:
      • Finish security audit. (majority of funds will be used here)
      • Launch a test version on IOTX mainnet where anyone can create or join DAOs in IOTX ecosystem.
      • Implement DAO management dashboard: DAO owners can add more DAO information and DAO tools to their DAO pages.
    • Funds request (USD): 25,000 USD
  • Milestone 3 (Official Launch, official version on mainnet):

    • Duration (weeks): 4 weeks
    • Deliverables:
      • more complex DAO token launching strategy (at least three) to meet requirement of different type of DAOs
      • launch at least 10 DAOs (with members more than 100) on our platform by collaborating with different communities.
    • Funds request (USD): 15,000 USD

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Our previous achievements including but not limited to

  • Successfully completed multiple grants
  • Rich experience in web3.0 development
  • Delivered presentation at Polkadot decoded 2019 and being selected as finalist for polkadot decoded conference 2022


10,000 transactions, and > 100 DAOs.


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A good idea about DAO launch platform. And we want to know more about your bussiness plan, how to let users choose your platform. Feel me to contact us in telegram.