[Seeking-Feedback]Empowering Crypto Shoppers: Uquid and IoTeX Work Together for a Unique Crypto Shopping Experience with 120 Million Products

Short Summary

The Uquid Shop Dapp on the IoTeX platform presents a holistic shopping experience with 120 million product selections, convenient payment options, and exciting promotional offers, revolutionizing the way users shop with cryptocurrencies.

Who would be interested in this?

  • Expansion of Services and Functionalities: Integration of the Uquid Shop Dapp broadens the range of services and functionalities available on the IoTeX website.

  • Enhancing the overall IoTeX user experience within the ecosystem.

  • Access to a Diverse Product Selection: Through the incorporation of Uquid, a leading web 3.0 shopping platform, providing game cards, gift cards, mobile top-ups, and bill payments.

  • IoTeX users gain convenient access to 120 million products,

  • Improved Adoption and Usability of Cryptocurrencies: With Uquid’s support for crypto payments, providing inclusivity and flexibility in the shopping experience.

  • IoTeX users can easily conduct transactions using their preferred crypto currencies.

Marketing Budget

  • Seeking Essential Funding: Determined to secure necessary funds to enhance marketing initiatives and increase user awareness in the world of crypto shopping.

  • Locked Budgets for Marketing Activities: The allocated budgets will be specifically dedicated to dynamic marketing activities, ensuring impactful promotions, cashback opportunities, and create limited-time offers designed exclusively for IoTeX users.

  • Co-Marketing Experience: Drawing from a wealth of experience in successful co-marketing endeavors with renowned partners like Polygon Binance Pay, Gate.io, BabyDoge, Tron, and more.

  • Some case studies:

    • Polygon: Earth Punk project, AMA, Christmas promotion have been well-implemented, emphasizing the advantages that the integration brings to users. The community has given a positive response to the integration.
    • Binance Pay: many promotion and cashback have been deployed for users, consequently transaction volume has increased significantly.
    • Gate.io: with megacash marketing campaign by Uquid and Gate.io, community are impressed with the large prize pool and weekly trophies (up to $350,000 USDT)
    • BabyDoge: Create a mini-game that attracts more than 100,000 impressions on Twitter.
  • Overall, we are confident in replicating monumental success within the IoTeX ecosystem.


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thank you for your understanding