[Seeking feedback]Guarda Wallet IOTEX support

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Project Name

IOTX coin management on Guarda wallet

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Proposal Description

Guarda wallet is a non custodial cryptocurrency wallet available on Web, Desktop, Chrome Extension and Mobile platforms. Having lots of additional features, Guarda wallet is a place for users to safely manage their funds in a single place. Sending, receiving, storing, buying, borrowing, selling, exchanging of your crypto and much more is available for users across the globe. No registration required - what you need is just come up with a password (dont forget to write it down) and thats it, you are good to! No personal information of users is collected by Guarda - we do value your privacy.

Value proposition

Guarda Wallet will support IOTX coin and make it available for management. You will be able to:

Create and import iotex wallet, send and receive iotx coin; buy, sell and exchange IOTX in a single place without hassle.


Milestone 1:

Duration: 2 months

Deliverables: IOTX wallet import/ creation; support of sending, receiving of IOTX token; display of IOTX transactions in the tx history on WEB/ Desktop Guarda Wallet

Funds request (USD): 20,000 USD

Milestone 2:

Duration (weeks): 1 week

Deliverables: support of IOTX exchange /buy /sell on WEB/ Desktop Guarda Wallet

Funds request (USD): 10,000 USD

Milestone 3:

Duration (weeks): 2 weeks

Deliverables: learn and earn campaign raising awareness about IOTX among our community

Funds request (USD): 10,000 USD

Total funds requested

40,000 USD

Will be used for:

  1. R&D
  2. Team Operation Cost
  3. Marketing

About your Team

Team members

Paul Sokolov

Paul is the CEO of Guarda Wallet with more than 6 years of experience in the field of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency. Besides being the main visionary of Guarda Wallet, Paul is knows for taking part in a variety of other blockchain-related projects overtime. Paul’s interests are focused on decentralization, custody-free cryptocurrency management and privacy solutions.

Relevant Experience

  • Guarda wallet has been here since 2017. It has come a long way since then from a single currency wallet to an ecosystem of services for simple and secure crypto management.
  • The team comprises of experts in IT and fintech sphere with proven track record. Guarda wallet is a member of FIO foundation board, UD Partner Advisory Council, INATBA.
  • Besides providing a platform for safe and convenient crypto asset management, Guarda Wallet is also contributing to blockchains integrity - Guarda Wallet has its own validation/ block producer nodes for several major blockchains.




Website: https://guarda.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GuardaWallet

Thanks for submitting the IoTex halo grant application, we are reviewing it