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LunCo & IoTex

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  1. IoTeX grants

  2. The Integration Tier

Project overview

LunCo is an opensource collaborative engineering software for complex systems design inspired by Lunar Exploration and built by space systems engineers

From solar panels, wind turbines, and vertical farms through solar power stations in space to permanent settlements on Moon and Mars - it’s all about engineering.

Designing is hard and you need a lot of different software - CAD, CAE, CAM, FEA, MBSE, ERP, and so on.

Software that can operate complex systems like factories or Lunar Colony at all levels, a digital twin of the system - is crucial to run existing infrastructure.

Lack of access to such software is a source of inequality in our world.

LunCo addresses these issues by providing an extensible core (3D, UI, web3-based data sharing), as well as a set of applications build on top of that for engineers.


  1. Mentioned as DeSci Method in
  1. Raised:

  2. Around 350 unique donors

  3. Gitcoin GR15, Alpha, Beta rounds, Giveth

  4. Around $20k raised

  5. Minted for donors:

  1. Weekly Twitter Space: “DeSpaceTech” with professional space exploration projects. Friday, 1500-1600 UTC, LunCo Twitter


  1. Site

  2. Main repo on Gitcoin (29 stars, 7 watching, 8 forks)

  3. Twitter (~3000 followers)

  4. Linkedin (~450 followers)

  5. Discord Server (~100 users)

  6. Youtube (37 subscribers, 16 videos)

  7. Giveth

Integration plan

  1. LunCo Alpha (basic decent metaverse, the core is ready) - 3 months

  2. Module for Godot to interact with IoTex - 2 months

  3. Module for data visualisation from IoTex in LunCo - 1 months


  1. Rod Mamin, founder, Twitter, Linkedin

Space systems engineer, master degree in math&computer science (2013 Russia, YARGU).

  1. Around 10 contributors who helped with websites, cloud infrastructure, design, and other things. Contacts provided on request

Funding request

  1. LunCo Alpha - $20k

  2. Module for Godot to interact with IoTex - $5k

  3. Module for data visualisation in Godot - $5k


  1. September 2023 - LunCo Alpha (basic decent metaverse, the core is ready)

  2. October 2023 - Module for Godot to interact with IoTex

  3. November 2023 - Module for data visualisation from IoTex in LunCo

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Hello @Difint
and thank you for being interested in the IoTeX Grants Program.

Please notice that the program has moved to a new platform, this is why the template has been replaced with a message and the new link!

You can start from the new home page: IoTeX Grants

We have a category for Developers made of 3 tiers, and a category for Projects split into “Integrations” and DePIN Projects.

I feel like you should submit your proposal in the “Projecs->IoTeX Integrations”

Also, find the documentation here: Project Grants - IoTeX Developer Documentation

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