[Seeking-Feedback]Seeking Sponsorship(CryptoMonday)



Proposal Description

MY name is Wonder Godzo from Ghana-West Africa, I came across your project recently when your company commissioned independent research from (Quantum Economics), I serve at QE as their Emerging Market Analyst. I have various projects am embarking on in Accra, Ghana, and would love to engage you in this domain. These projects have the potential of increasing the visibility of IOTEX within the continent.

I am part of a DAO called “CryptoMonday” the chief aim of this DAO is to bring blockchain/crypto education to the masses through meet-ups. The first of these meet-ups started in 2018 in NEW YORK by Lou Kerner, the brain behind the organization. I am pleased to announce that I am championing crypto Monday Africa in Accra-Ghana(West Africa) in July to help unite and connect the African Crypto blockchain enthusiasts; we would be glad if you could be a significant sponsor of our events, and in return help, you get visibility within the Africa Ecosystem. Below is the link to the LinkedIn page of Crypto Monday (CryptoMondays | LinkedIn)
I currently have about 45members in our meetups page even without starting the vigorous advertisement, this project has what it takes to project IOTEX immensely thus if you support our Africa base.

I am of the view that blockchain technology has a lot to offer emerging markets like Africa and South East Asia, I know this because I am a researcher in the space. You may want to enjoy some of my research pieces published by Quantum Economics on medium(A Key Geopolitical Event Has Emphasized Why African Banks Must Embrace Crypto | Quantum Economics)

Total funds requested

I am requesting $10000 to be used for the purposes of organizing these in-person events for a period of three months, you may then review and access the impact the meet-up before any further commitment.

We expect no less than 70 people in our first meet-up in July.
By august we should be expecting 100 to 150 people in attendance.
By November, the numbers should hit 200.

We already have a meet-up platform for all interested parties to join, this page already has almost 50 members.

I have 2.5k followers on Facebook, mostly young people eager for opportunities, I shall influence them to attend using ads.

-Attendees will be exposed to IOTEX Machinfi Concept
Interaction between the physical world and the blockchain in a decentralized way.
Attendees will be directed to exchanges where they can easily buy iotex tokens.

#Grant usage
User Fee - Event Center
IOTEX branded T-shirts to be given out to the first 50 attendees.
Compensation-Event Organizers and Speakers
Refreshment - Some drinks and cakes

Below is a link to the CryptoMonday-Accra meetup platform

There is a dire need for crypto/blockchain awareness on the continent, I pray IOTEX will play a pivotal role in this domain.

Wonder Godzo
Emerging Market Analyst
Quantum Economics(Israel)

Faculty Instructor
Africa Blockchain Center(Kenya)

Thank you for submitting the iotex halo grant.

My suggestion, you can refine your milestones, such as how many people will participate in this event, how do you attract them, and what will they learn about IoTex. and how you will use grant fees

thanks very much for your prompt response sir, I have updated the milestone as directed, and hope to hear from you soon.